Postural Rehabilitation

An often incredibly overlooked part of life!

How many times have we all heard this.​

  • ​​I have a bad Knee
  • My neck hurts
  • My back is stiff
  • I have a bulging disc

And yet many ​of us never even bother to actually take the time to undersatdn why this is happening.

Many people go to the doctors who prescribes anti-inflammortories and pain killers.

​This treats the SYMPTOMS and is NOT the CURE

Being a fully qualified NASM Corrective Exercise specialist I am able to effectively break down what postural problems you may have and help you to develop the correct posture we where born with.​

With a combination or core stability, Functional training. and advance flexibility work you will be surprised what a difference standing up nice and tall, with the correct head position and walking pattern would have on your body, even your organs and breathing.